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  • 24 Restaurants and cafes waiting for you!
  • Gift certificate

24 Restaurants and cafes waiting for you!

In PANORAMA you will find a large selection of restaurants and cafes!

Good food lovers will find even 13 RESTAURANTS where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the weekends you can enjoy brunches.

More over here you will find 11 CAFES, where you and your friends and family can enjoy a cup of nice coffee or tea and  also have a snack.

We are constantly thinking about you, your family and friends, so everyone here will find what he likes !!!

More information about restaurants you will find here


We understand that your car is not just any car. It is a car that needs space and deserves the best parking garage in the city.

This modern two-floor garage that holds 1600 parking spaces is especially pleasant in cold and rainy weather. The green lights send you to the nearest available parking space, saving you time and energy in finding a convenient spot. The wide parking spaces allow you to comfortably open your car doors without fear of troubling your neighbor’s car. Families with small children will appreciate this when easily and comfortably taking their child from the car seat.


  • What are working hours? Parking is open daily at 7.00 to 24.00.
  • What’s the charge for parking? On weekends and public holidays parking is free of charge. On business days parking is free of charge for 4 hours per day. Each next 30 min will be charged for 1 Eur.
  • How can I pay for parking? Payment for parking can be made in 3 ways:
  1. Before leaving the Parking at the automatic payment machines located at the exits from the Parking and near the Rimi Hypermarket Shopping Centre on the ground floor
  2. By phone: send SMS by 1332 with text ON PAN AAA111 (AAA111 -vehicle number). To stop send SMS with text OFF.
  3. By using B2B Park mobile parking application( App Store , Google Play).

In case of the failure of an automatic payment machine, an entry/exit barrier or other equipment in the Parking, please call +370 647 31105.

Parking rules and regulations are here.

Gift certificate

Treat your loved ones to you to a holiday of their choice – give them a “Panorama” gift certificate!

Gift certificate holders and purchasers can find information on the introduction of the euro from January 1, 2015 here.

You can purchase a gift certificate at the following:
“Panorama” information center (1st floor, tel. +370 5 219 58 11, Mon.-Sun. 10:00-22.00).
“Gera dovana” store (1st floor, near Rimi, tel. +370 6 625 32 91, Mon.-Sun. 10:00-22:00).
“Gera dovana” online store, Mon. Sun. 00:00-24:00 – click here to visit.

More information and Basic rules for “Panorama” gift certificate you can find here