SHOPS: I – VII 10 – 20 h.* SERVICES: I – VII 10 – 20 h.*

RESTAURANTS: I – VII 10 – 20 h.* RIMI: I – VII 9 – 22 h.


At the “Panorama” information center our employees welcome you with warm smiles.

Here you can:

– Get all the information you need about what is happening in the shopping center.

– Get a free map of the shopping center. Information Center staff will assist those who are looking for specific stores or service centers.

– Call a taxi for free.

– Buy a ticket through BILIETAI.LT and TIKETA.

– Choose a free two-wheeled or three-wheeled balance bike to use while finishing your shopping in the spacious shopping center, keeping your little one happy and making it more fun for the whole family.

– Heat up baby food for free.