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VII 10 – 21 H.
I – VI 10 – 22 H.
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La Crepe restoranas

Phone +370 686 55174
Working hours I-VII - 9-23

1 floor

La Crepe restoranas

La Crepe – it is always nice and close to the heart place to eat and drink a cup of coffee or meet friends. Every visitor finds here something, what is lacking for his/her mood, and what draws a smile on his/her face and what beats down his/her hunger.

The largest selection of pancakes – this is a light breakfast and a solid lunch, and a sweet surprise as well. After all, the crepes of La Crepe are more than just pancakes… From simplicity of home cuisine to really gourmet stuffing. Here, the traditions both of potato pancakes and new original pizzas perfectly fit together, and a more seriously minded visitor may choose ahot salad or a chargrilled roast.

La Crepe gives a particular attention to the coffee. The unique coffee Illy recognized all over the world is a coffee blend of 9 sorts of hundred percent Arabica. This coffee distinguishes for its extraordinary taste and aroma, and therefore will not disappoint even the most demanding guests of La Crepe.