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Pierre Cardin parduotuvė

Phone +370 655 93055
Working hours I-VI 10.00-22.00, VII 10.00-21.00

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Pierre Cardin parduotuvė

The Pierre Cardin collection is fashion combined with piquant novelties, while maintaining traditional values. This is the collection designed for a man, who is interested in fashion and appreciates extra quality. Fabrics of the highest quality wool with addition of cashmere and silk are used for the collection. By using the most up-to-date fabrics with clearly visible structures (lozenges, strips, squares), the suit collection acquires very stylish character. The gamut of colours accords with the fashion trends, where navy dominates. The shirt collection of Pierre Cardin is a revolution of innovations. Thanks to modified details and completely new style, the Pierre Cardin shirts are particularly expressive.These are the shirts of new shades harmoniously toned with hosiery or other items of the collection. The product collection of Pierre Cardin offers many new and interesting models, such as luxurious and elegant knitted long sleeve sweaters, Polo shirts, button-through jerseys with pockets, blousons with square weave, and cotton jackets with elements of the sportive style. The jeans collection of Pierre Cardin includes a line of ‘denim’ jeans and thin cloth trousers. Combinations of wool, cashmere and elastic texture are a unique innovation in the market. The jeans collection distinguishes by its quality, precision machining, reinforced seams and lacing, interesting working of pockets and original “indigo” colour. The advanced materials and processing technologies used for production allow achieving the effect of aged jeans (vintage). The Pierre Cardin collection of jackets progresses from typical classical jackets to the new quality jackets resistant to water and wind, but “breathable”. All this is according to new client’s tastes and needs. Since the autumn of 2010, clothing of XXL sizes is available in our salon.