I – VI 10 – 22 H.
VII 10 – 21 H.
I – VI 10 – 22 H.
VII 10 – 21 H. *

I – VII 10 – 23 H.*
I – VII 8 – 23 H.

Sriubos diena restoranas

Phone +370 621 48488
Working hours I-VI 10.00-22.00, VII 10.00-21.00

1 floor

Sriubos diena restoranas

Restaurant SRIUBOS DIENA (Soup day) – newly reborned idea of the first Paris restaurants. As a main course restaurant offers unique flavor soups of different nations: French, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Thai. First restaurants in the 16th century offered large portions of nutritious soup, richly flavored with spices. The word restaurant original meaning – a place where food is restoring forces.

You can choose the size of portion in the restaurant SRIUBOS DIENA. Each will feel satiated after eating large meals, and children's portion will beat each child. Restaurant offers not only soups but also salads, snacks, deserts, wine, beer. Those who want a quick and tasty lunch – will always find favorite dish in the restaurant SRIUBOS DIENA – the real adventure of taste.

Quick, healthy, tasty – slogan of the restaurant SRIUBOS DIENA.