Rojaus Maistas supplies premium food products to its gourmet customers. You can choose from a range of more than 500 delicacies from over 70 countries. Every week we offer delicacies at special prices.

QUALITÉ SUPÉRIEURE SÉLECTIONNÉE POUR FRISCHEPARADIES – THIS IS THE MAIN SUPPLIER’S PREMUM LABEL. Only the most carefully selected products are marked with the QSFP label. It signifies the premium quality and freshness of the product.

The following are some new additions bearing this label:

  • Wonderfully delicious and healthy lamb meat from the Eifel National Park sheep breed dating back more than 3,000 years;
  • Unique Marensin chickens from the Landes Department ranging free in the pine forests along the sandy Atlantic coast;
  • Organic poultry from the Vendée region in western France. Its farmers are the pioneers of organic poultry;
  • Premium fish fillet from Iceland. Extra fast delivery in a special container with all accompanying documents (the time and place of the catch, the fishing vessel);
  • Premium fish from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, from pristine sea and river waters. The fish is only sourced from small, private, family-owned fishing companies utilizing sustainable fishing methods. They regularly undergo audits regarding QSFP quality. Extra fast delivery in a special container;
  • Premium salmon from the Scottish Highlands carrying the red label, a European quality logo with a Protected Geographical Indication.
  • Premium fish and seafood from Brittany along the Atlantic coast. Strict QSFP control and delivery terms, strictly documented;
  • Our network of suppliers also includes tried-and-tested Lithuanian farming communities and individual farmers engaged in sustainable farming.

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