Durance | Panorama

If you want to experience the magic of Provence atmosphere, you will not find a better assistant than the French company DURANCE. Face, body, hair care products, perfumes, household cleaners, laundry and home fragrances you can find in only one DURANCE store in Lithuania.

This Provencial land, rich in traditions and authenticity, leads company to be conscientious of  responsibilities for the planet and commits them to long term development of natural products.

DURANCE offers 11 lines of body, face and home care products. Two of three lines meets the ECOCERT organic cosmetic certification standards. This means that at least 95% ingredients of natural origin completely, for at least 10% naturally grown. Products are silicone and paraben-free, WITHOUT artificial colors or preservatives.

Love nature, authenticity, elegance and respect for tradition – the fundamental values of the company which obliged them to create natural products, which will satisfy even the most fastidious buyer's comfort and needs

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