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We are always thinking of you, your family and friends

  • We conveniently and with thought located nearly 200 stores and services.
    This is certainly the only place in the city where in an enormous 65 thousand sq. m. commercial space every customer feels comfortable and satisfied because of the unique triangle layout of the shopping and entertainment center. After shopping for yourself, your family and friends or for your home you won’t feel tired, even if you go through the shopping center several times!
  • For your comfort, Panorama is home to 23 cafes and restaurants so that your shopping is easier and your free time is more pleasant.
    On every floor of the shopping center you’ll find a cozy corner where you can have a coffee or a tasty snack. We work to ensure that in shopping or just enjoying your time spent with us that you relax, recharge and feel happier.
  • We understand that your car is not just any car. It is a car that needs space and deserves the best parking garage in the city.
    This modern two-floor garage that holds 1600 parking spaces is especially pleasant in cold and rainy weather. The green lights send you to the nearest free parking space, saving you time and energy in finding a convenient spot. The wide parking spaces allow you to comfortably open your car doors without fear of troubling your neighbor’s car. Families with small children will appreciate this when easily and comfortably taking their child from the car seat.
  • Adults need to be comfortable and kids need to be interested. Our young visitors to Panorama can expect to find free two-wheeled and three-wheeled balance bikes that pleasantly break up the time spent in the shopping center and make it easier for parents to manage their shopping.
    Modern two-wheeled and three-wheeled balance bikes can be found for free at the information center after acquainting yourself with the rules for use. It’s nice to see the number of little “racers” grow in the shopping center. We’re happy to see every one of their smiles.
  • We know how active modern mothers are, which is why we’ve set up cozy and convenient family rooms where you can care for your infants and young children.
    The family rooms in which you can feed, wash and change your infants are spacious and comfortable. The rooms, found on the first and second floors of the shopping center, are kept at the perfect temperature and are clean and orderly.
  • Good impressions and feelings are what we want to give to you every day, which is why Panorama consistinently strives to surprise you with the number and diversity of its exclusive and original events.
    Entertainment, exhibits and events constantly change. We try to provide what will be interesting and relevant for all of our guests. We pay attention to the calendar of important events for residents of Vilnius and guests of the city. We know when our guests are getting ready for important holidays, when they need to change their tires, are getting ready for graduation, taking their children to school or when they’re going back to work after vacation. We try to listen to what’s relevant today and offer not only a rich selection of products, but also the best conditions for fulfilling their wishes and dreams. We sincerely believe that here it’s always more convenient.

Our best wishes to you,
The Panorama team

SLC “Panorama” was established in 2008 by “KAPITEL” – one of the largest real estate development and management companies in the Baltic States. SLC “Panorama“ total area reaches 65 000 sq. m. with a total leasable area of 45 500 sq. m. The business center in SLC “Panorama“ represents 3 500 sq. m.

Other shopping centers developed by “KAPITEL”:

  • Spice (Riga, Latvia): GLA: 41 112 sq.m.
  • Viru Keskus (Tallinn, Estonia): GLA:  30 000  sq.m.
  • Spice Home (Riga, Latvia): GLA: 21 216 sq.m.
  • Sikupilli (Tallinn, Estonia): GLA: 15 100 sq.m.
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