A gourmet life starts when you have more space to yourself, when you can find a place to relax after breezing through your daily chores and it feels like home. Gourmet PANORAMA wants to arrange a date with you in a cosy space filled with stories of tastes yet to be discovered. The hosts of the gastronomy house invite you to take a break from the rush to enjoy some of their freshly-made dishes. While enjoying your meal in the cosy green oasis, you will feel as if you are in a slow-motion movie.

Panorama shopping and entertainment centre is home to a new gastronomy house which brings together 19 premium food stores and restaurants under a single roof offering meat, fish, seafood, luxury drinks, pastry, deserts, and organic food. Thrill your taste buds with the world cuisine flavours, Lithuanian-grown products or local specialties. Visit our gourmet house and discover ingredients that will allow you to prepare a culinary masterpiece for an unforgettable gourmet experience.