The Meat Point shop was born out of the love for food, holidays and a desire to enjoy the authentic Mediterranean flavours all year round. Our range exclusively includes premium quality products in a variety of flavours.

At the Meat Point shop, every customer will be able to satisfy their taste buds. Our shop offers a wide range of foods, such as Spanish Jamon Serrano hams, Japanese Kobe, and Australian Wagyu beef, authentic Matje herring, Dutch Gouda, hard goat’s cheese, a wide selection of products with truffles, Spanish style fried almonds, a large range of olives, a variety of sauces and spreads, French foie gras, and an exclusive selection of wines and champagnes only available at our shop.

All of our products are carefully selected to ensure that they are sourced from distinguished Mediterranean family-owned businesses and small farms which hand down their traditional methods of harvesting and production from generation to generation.

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Entrance from the RIMI HYPERMARKET side
Entrance from the APRANGA side

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