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A new dress, a Swiss watch… Or maybe a top-quality knife set for precision cooking? If you do not know how to surprise your friends, give them an all-in-one present – a gift card which will give them what they really want!

You can already pay with a PLC Panorama gift card in the H&M store! Change the PLC Panorama gift card to the H&M gift card on the Gera dovana island. More information at

Here is where you can purchase our gift cards:

  • Panorama Information Desk (1st floor, phone: +370 5 219 58 11, opening hours: Monday – Sunday 10am – 9pm).
  • Gera Dovana retail island (1st floor, next to Rimi hypermarket, phone: +370 662 53291, opening hours: Monday – Sunday 10am – 9pm).
  • Gera Dovana online store, Monday – Sunday around the clock ( For enquiries, email to or call +370 662 46 548.

By purchasing a Gift Card, the Buyer agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use of Panorama Gift Cards. For full details of our Gift Card Terms and Conditions, click here.

  1. Gift cards can be purchased in the following amounts: €10, €20, €30, €50, €100 or in any other amount ranging from €10 to €500 with a precision of €1.
  2. Payment for the Gift Card can be made in cash or by a bank card.
  3. The Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash or returned.
  4. One Gift Card may be used to pay for purchases at more than one store, restaurant or the place where the service is provided. If purchase exceeds the available Gift Card balance, the excess amount may be paid in cash, and if the purchase amount is less than the value of the Gift Card, the remaining amount on the Gift Card can be used to pay for other purchases.
  5. In case of the loss of the Gift Card where a specific contact person has been assigned to the Gift Card, the Gift Card may be frozen and the remaining amount on the Gift Card can be transferred to a new Gift Card.
  6. At the Buyer’s request, the delivery and acceptance certificate for the Gift Cards and/or VAT invoice for the goods or services relating to the distribution of the Gift Cards will be sent to the email address specified by the Buyer.
  1. The Gift Card is valid for six (6) months from the date of purchase.
  2. Additional services and service rates:
    • After the Gift Card expires, it may be extended for another six (6) months but no more than one (1) year after the date of issue of the Gift Card. Extensions are subject to an extension fee of €1.45.
    • If a valid Gift Card has been damaged, it can be replaced by issuing a new Gift Card or a Gift Voucher. Replacements are subject to a replacement fee of €1.45. The term of validity and the nominal value of the Gift Card will remain unchanged following its replacement.
  3. To check your Gift Card validity and balance:
    • scan the QR code on your Gift Card using your smartphone;
    • go to and enter the Gift Card barcode number.
  4. The Gift Card can be used in all SLC Panorama stores and restaurants with the exception of the following stores:Elektromarkt, Bottlery, Vynoteka, iQOS, McDonald’s, McCafe, BTA draudimas, Lietuvos draudimas, shoe repair service, sewing service, bank branches, Lietuvos paštas, Tiketa, and
  5. The Gift Card cannot be used to purchase tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, gambling services or a new Gift Card.

Gift Card holders

Gift Card holders are available for purchase at Panorama Information Desk or Gera Dovana retail island. Price per holder: €2,5.

For more information, contact:

  • Panorama Information Desk: phone: +370 5 219 5811 (opening hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00–21:00).
  • Gera Dovana: phone: +370 5 205 2099 (opening hours: Monday – Sunday 8:00–17:00).
  • Or visit Panorama Information Desk, address: Saltoniškių g. 9, Vilnius.

NOTE: You can pay with the PLC Panorama gift card in the H&M store by exchanging it for the H&M gift card on the Gera dovana island. You can find more information at

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