PINAVIJA | Panorama

The Pinavija bakery offers a combination of delicious discoveries, dizzying aromas of fresh-baked pastries, and a home-like atmosphere. It has been a popular place to stop by for a delicious breakfast, an afternoon dessert or a cup of aromatic coffee for 8 years already. The legendary puff pastries, home-made kybyn, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and meringues…

All made from premium ingredients straight from Lithuanian farmers. We have something for everyone, whether you have a sweet tooth, practice vegetarianism or are gluten intolerant.

Enjoy our freshly-made pastries, omelettes, porridges, refreshing salads, healthy smoothies and delicious waffles on weekdays and on weekends!

location in Gourmet Panorama

Entrance from the RIMI HYPERMARKET side
Entrance from the APRANGA side

location in Gourmet Panorama

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