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The Mon Ami shop tantalizes its customers with a range of around 200 delectable pastries of all types. Twenty-six types of unique, organic, traditional and yeast-fee bread from rye, spelt, triticale, whole grain, yeast-fee, or the famous ciabatta…

The eye-catching shelf lined with various breads is the first thing that grabs your attention in the morning, and the wonderful smell of the freshly baked bread entices and lures you in. Our famous and luxurious family of cakes includes eighteen different types of delicacies and we continue to add new specials to our regular line-up. Mon Ami’s spelt pastries, croissants, breadsticks (grissini), bruschettas, mouthwatering snacks are all part of our tasteful, sweet and gourmet daily offerings. Each of our sweet delicacies is perfected by our master bakers. They are made with love and served to you after going the extra mile to make sure you receive the very best we have to offer. The delicious Mon Ami ice cream is known for its rich and pure taste. We have created it with generous amounts of fruit, juice, nuts, cream, and chocolate. We could not possibly add more of these because the ice cream would simply fail to harden properly!

We treasure all of our traditions: our bread tastes the same as it did eight years ago and our canelés melt in your mouth today the same way they will for your grandchildren; we resist the temptation of short-lived trends and colours.

We have always valued authenticity, honesty, and integrity. These are the values that guide us. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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Entrance from the RIMI HYPERMARKET side
Entrance from the APRANGA side

location in Gourmet Panorama

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