Sushi Boutique is a restaurant for those who love fast but higher-quality Japanese cuisine.

This traditional Japanese dish has become a fashionable and universally accepted staple of the everyday diet. Whether you are a true sushi enthusiast or simply a newbie, the Sushi Boutique is exactly what you are looking for. The menu will suit both those who enjoy simplicity and those who prefer a more luxurious meal. Those who value real, high quality products and a wide range of hot sushi options.

Sushi Boutique’s creations are much more than just food – they are a soul-nourishing experience for the senses. 

Come by to discover the Japanese flavour closest to your heart.

location in Gourmet Panorama

Entrance from the RIMI HYPERMARKET side
Entrance from the APRANGA side

location in Gourmet Panorama

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