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Gift cards

Treat your loved ones to you to a holiday of their choice – give them a “Panorama” gift certificate!

You can purchase a gift certificate at the following:

  • “Panorama” information center (1st floor, tel. +370 5 219 58 11, Mon.-Sun. 10:00-22:00).
  • “Gera dovana” store (1st floor, near Rimi, tel. +370 6 625 32 91, Mon.-Sat. 10:00-22:00, Sun. 10.00-21.00 val.).
  • “Gera dovana” online store, Mon. Sun. 00:00-24:00 – click here to visit.

Basic rules for “Panorama” gift certificates

Valid from January 1, 2015

  1. You may purchase 10 € , € 15 , € 20 , 50 €  and € 100  “Panorama” gift certificates (hereinafter – Certificate) valid for 6 months.
  1. Payment for the Certificate may be made in cash or by bank card.
  1. Certificates may be used at any “Panorama” stores and restaurants with the exception of „H&M“, „Bottlery”, „Vynoteka”,   „McDonald’s”, „McCafe”, „BTA draudimas“, „Lietuvos draudimas“, footwear repair, sewing studio, bank departaments, post office, „Tiketa“ and „“.
  1. Certificates cannot be used for tobacco and alcohol products purchases and for gambling services.
  1. Each Certificate can be used once for the full amount of purchase. If the purchase amount is larger you can use additional funds. If the purchase amount is less no change will be given for the difference.
  1. Certificates may not be exchanged for cash and are non-refundable.
  1. Invoices are not issued for purchases made by Certificate. At the purchaser’s request a proof-of-purchase may be issued.
  1. Additional services in using Certificates:
Additional services in using Certificates Service Price
Extending the term of validity of the Certificate Upon expiration Certificates may be extended for 6 months. Certificates may be extended within one year of the purchase date. 1.45 €
Combining Certificates A valid Certificate may be exchanged for multiple Certificates of lesser value. At the time of exchange the date of expiration is not extended. 1.45 €
Certificate replacement A still-valid Certificate may be exchanged for a new Certificate. At the time of replacement the date of expiry and value remain the same. 1.45 €


Detailed information about using Certificates can be found here.

More information can be found at the following:

  • “Panorama” information center, tel. +370 5 219 58 11 (Mon.-Sat. 10:00-22.00., Sun. 10.00-21.00 val.).
  • “Gera dovana,” tel. +370 5 205 20 99 (Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 17:00).

“Panorama” information center (Saltoniškių g. 9, Vilnius).

Terms and conditions for use of “Panorama” gift certificates

  1. These terms are valid from January 1, 2015.
  2. This document sets out the terms and conditions for “Panorama” gift certificates (hereinafter – Certificate) located at Saltoniškių g. 9, Vilnius.
  3. JSC “Panorama LT” “(hereinafter referred to as the Distributor) conducts a Certificate distribution program in which a private or legal entity (hereinafter – Purchaser) may make an advance payment and receive a Certificate confirming the purchase which can then be used for purchases in participating stores of the “Panorama“ shopping center marked by a special sign or information (hereinafter – Partners) or other services or functions (hereinafter – Program) associated with the use of the Certificate.
  4. JSC “Gera dovana” (hereinafter referred to as the Administrator), in accordance with a contract with the Distributor, administers the Certificate distribution Program carried out by the Distributor: organizes the distribution of Certificates, organizes and offers additional services for the use of Certificates by individual Certificate holders (hereinafter – Certificate Holder), and serves as an intermediary in settling Certificate Program accounts. The Administrator acts on behalf of the Distributor.
  5. The Purchaser of a Certificate agrees to these terms and conditions of use. A Purchaser of a Certificate who then transfers this Certificate to another individual undertakes to notify the other individual (the future Certificate Holder) of these conditions and rules of use of the Certificate.
  6. The sale of Certificates to Purchasers and additional services provided to the Certificate Holder are provided by a company that is located in a designated place for serving clients (hereinafter – Certificate Distribution Site) and operates under a contract between the Distributor and the Administrator (hereinafter – Certificate Seller). The Certificate Seller acts on behalf of the Distributor.
  7. The Certificate is a special form, card, or other conveyor of information that confirms the fact of advance payment by the Purchaser and gives the Certificate Holder the right to obtain goods or services offered by the Partner.
  8. In the Certificate is indicated and/or written the following information: the name of the Certificate, the identification number of the Certificate (indicated with numerical or graphic codes), and also other information necessary for the Purchaser for the use of the Certificate.
  9. In the Certificate is indicated and/or written the following information: the nominal value of the Certificate and the start and end dates of the Certificate. If this information is not indicated in the Certificate then this may be received free of charge at a Certificate Distribution Site.
  10. The start date for the Certificate coincides with the date of sale of the Certificate.
  11. A Certificate can be purchased online at and also at Certificate Distribution Sites. Information about Certificate Distribution Sites is available at the Distributor’s site
  12. The Purchaser may obtain the following forms of Certificate: a paper Certificate (a Certificate printed on a special form) or an electronic Certificate (available online, printed on a normal printer).
  13. Certificates are valid for 3 (three) months from the moment of purchase.
  14. Certificates are sold/issued in the following standard denominations: € 10 , € 15 , € 20 , € 50 , € 100 . In exceptional cases (during sale campaigns or similar) Certificates may be issued in other standard denominations.
  15. Certificates and additional services may be purchased in cash or through a bank transfer (provided the Certificate Distribution Site allows bank transfers) or through another method used by the Certificate Distribution Site. Forms of payment for Certificates and additional services at Certificate Distribution Sites may not coincide with existing methods of payment of other goods and services (for example, the Certificate may not be purchased with a bank card, etc.).
  16. When purchasing a Certificate(s) an invoice with VAT is not issued. Upon the Purchaser’s request a proof-of-payment may be provided.
  17. Certificates are non-refundable and may not be exchanged for cash.
  18. Certificates may not be used for payment of tobacco and alcohol products or for gambling services.
  19. Certificates may be used at all “Panorama” stores and restaurants with the exception of “H & M,” “Bottlery,” “Vynoteka”, “BTA draudimas,” “Lietuvos draudimas,” shoe repair, clothing repair and alterations, bank branches, “Lietuvos paštas,” “Tiketa,” “”
  20. Certificate Holders may use the following additional services for the use of gift certificates:

20.1. Extension of the term of validity of the gift certificate. The service is provided according to the following:

20.1.1. An unused Certificate that has expired may be extended if no more than 12 (twelve) months have passed since the time of sale.

20.1.2. A certificate may be extended for 3 (three) months (starting from the time of extension), but not more than 12 (twelve) months from the moment of sale of the Certificate.

20.1.3. The Certificate Holder must pay € 1.45  for the extension of each Certificate.

20.1.4. With the extension of the validity of a Certificate the Certificate is forfeited by the Certificate Holder (the period of its validity is canceled) and a new Certificate is issued with an extended term.

20.2. Certificate division: the Check Holder may exchange a Certificate of a higher value for multiple Certificates of lesser value. The service is provided as follows:

20.2.1. The service is provided only for valid, unused Certificates.

20.2.2. The Certificate Holder must pay € 1.45 for each Certificate division.

20.2.3. When it is divided the Certificate Holder forfeits the Certificate (its validity is terminated) and in its place is issued new Certificates, the total nominal value of which are exactly equal to the forfeited Certificate.

20.2.4. The period of validity of the newly issued Certificate remains the same as the period of validity of the old Certificate. (Dividing the Certificate does not affect its period of validity.)

20.3. Certificate replacement is possible when a Certificate is damaged but still identifiable or if the Certificate simply wants to replace the Certificate. The service is provided as follows:

20.3.1. The service is provided for valid, unused Certificates.

20.3.2. The owner of the Certificate must pay a € 1.45  fee for each Certificate replaced.

20.3.3. When replacing a Certificate the Certificate is forfeited by the Certificate Holder (its validity is terminated) and a new Certificate is issued.

20.3.4. The period of expiration and nominal value of the new Certificate remains unchanged.

20.3.5. When replacing a Certificate the identification number and type of Certificate may be changed.

20.4. When purchasing a Certificate online (an electronic Certificate) a service fee of € 0.87  is charged for each Certificate.

20.5. Information on Certificates: The Certificate Holder may present his/her Certificate at a Certificate Distribution Site and receive information about its validity, etc. This service is provided as follows:

20.5.1. The service is provided if the Certificate is able to be identified (if the Certificate is not damaged and if the identification number of the Certificate can be read).

20.5.3. After providing information the Certificate is returned to the Certificate Holder unless there is suspicion that the Certificate was used for illegal activities or in violation of these rules.

  1. If the cost of the good(s) is higher than the nominal value of the Certificate the purchaser may use additional funds for the remainder.
  2. If the cost of the good(s) when paying by Certificate is lower than the nominal value of the Certificate the difference is not returned.
  3. Following payment the Certificate is forfeited and is not returned.
  4. A single Certificate may be used for purchases only once. Following payment the Certificate becomes invalid.
  5. A Partner has the right to not accept payment for a Certificate if it is damaged. That is, if more than half of the Certificate is illegible or missing or if it is otherwise damaged or it is impossible to read its identification number.
  6. If the Certificate is damaged but can be identified (the identification number can be read), the Certificate Holder can make use of additional services by presenting the Certificate to a Certificate Distribution Site.
  7. If the Certificate is damaged and is impossible to identify the Certificate may not be returned, no refund is offered, and additional services are not available to the Certificate Holder (extension of the term of the Certificate, division, replacement, and other services).
  8. If a Certificate has not been used within 1 (one) year from the moment of issuance (regardless of whether the Certificate was divided, exchanged or extended) it is assumed that the Certificate was used completely by the Certificate Holder (in accordance with the Certificate Distribution Program). The Certificate is canceled and money for the unused Certificate is not returned.
  9. The Certificate Holder is personally responsible for his/her Certificate from the moment of acquisition. The Certificate Holder guarantees that the identification information of the Certificate (number, graphic code, and others) will not be made known to third parties (who, using another’s identification number, may forge a Certificate or use other means to harm the interests of the Certificate Holder). Upon learning that identification information of his/her Certificate may be know to third parties the Certificate Holder must immediately use or exchange the Certificate or contact appropriate law enforcement authorities. From the moment of sale/acquisition by the Certificate Holder (Purchaser) neither the Distributor nor Administrator is responsible for the Certificate.
  10. If the Check Holder violates and of these rules in the participation of the Certificate Distribution Program and/or violates laws of the Republic of Lithuania and/or engages in activities that may be considered intentionally harmful to the Distributor, Administrator, Partners, Certificate Sellers, other Certificate Holders or other Certificate Distribution Program participants, the Certificate may be canceled and payment may not be refunded, new Certificates and additional services may not be sold to this individual, and information on this person and his/her actions may be reported to law enforcement authorities.
  11. These terms and conditions for the distribution of Certificates are subject to change. Changes are announced at least 15 days in advance in the same manner in which these rules were published.
  12. Information about the use of the Certificate can be found online at,; tel. 8 (5) 219 58 11 (Mon.-Sun. 10.00-22.00), (8 5) 205 2099 (Mon.-Fri. 8.00-17.00); and at Certificate Distribution Sites.
  13. A Certificate Holder or other interested party has the right to submit a written complaint for the improper implementation of the Certificate Program to the Administrator at the following address: JSC “Gera dovana”, Pilaitės pr. 16, LT-04352, Vilnius, Lithuania. The Administrator will review the complaint within 30 days and reply to the party concerned at the Administrator’s office, by post, e-mail, or other agreed upon means.