GAN BEI CITY | Panorama

On the 6th November 2008 restaurant “Gan bei city” opened in the shopping centre.

“Gan bei city” is a modern restaurant whose style was created by Latvian designer Oskars Skara. Stylish interior, comfortable furniture, excellent lighting, mirror plasma panels, video installation, digital sound, large panoramic windows are just a small part of what creates cosy environment in the restaurant. An areal view of city life opens up through panoramic windows. Dishes are an excellent accompaniment to this process. Chef Deep Ram Verma of restaurants “Gan bei” in Latvia and Lithuania created a wonderful menu with a vast selection of Chinese dishes and sushi. Open kitchens and bar are intentionally placed in the main hall so that guests could watch every barman's or chef's move.

Vast selection of dishes, original interior, high level of service and attractive prices make restaurant “Gan bei city” a favourite place to visit for Vilnius residents.

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