Huracan coffee | Panorama

We are an Vilnius, Lithuania-based coffee roasters which provides an adventure of different but amazing coffee.

We know that coffee fascinates even more if it is: Freshly harvested | Freshly roasted | Freshly ground. We are cupping hundreds of different coffees, but buying only the best quality. We pay extra for farmers both - to reward and to motivate to keep up high quality. Most of our coffee comes as a result of direct trade. When we bring expensive and micro lots to Lithuania, we have get the best possible quality out of it, that's why in the very start of year 2016 we drifted to LORING COFFEE ROASTER, arguably the most advanced coffee roaster nowadays. Since very early days we were obsessed with quality that’s why we brew coffee with the highest quality.

Huracan Coffee – freshly roasted coffee in Lithuania since 1999. Harney & Sons - tea. Mahlkönig - professional coffee grinders. Dalla Corte - Professional Espresso Machines. Aeropress - a coffee brew tool. Kalita – coffee brewing equipment both for cafes and homes.

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