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The company „Švaros broliai“ is working in car care cleaning are for over 10 years. From the very foundation of the company, the main focus was on the quality of performed works and the culture of customer service. In order to ensure good working results, we work using the most advanced technologies, new materials, and only professional working tools.

„Švaros broliai“ focus on the service performance quality. The highest attention is paid to the qualification of employees. We employ only professionals of their field that have long experience and excellent reputation - polishers, dry cleaning specialists, masters - receptionists, and technologists. The professionals of „Švaros broliai“ choose only proven and harmless chemical substances. Here, we use a wide range of agents and constantly look for new suppliers in exhibitions in order to achieve that a suitable chemical agent would be selected for each car - according to its type and technical parameters.

Considering the needs of our customers, the company „Švaros broliai“ not only broadens its network, but also renovates the equipment of the Centres - in order the car wash would become more qualitative and faster. The company's mission is to strive that all vehicles would shine and your environment would be surrounded by cleanliness. The company's vision is to become the most reliable company providing premium services in Lithuania.

Working hours I-VII 9:00 – 20:00 val.

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