Joglė | Panorama

Time is the most important and invaluable. A real sin is wasting of time and your energy for washing, ironing, cleaning. Ten years of experience, meticulous staff, cutting-edge technologies, clean laundry and cleaning products help us to achieve the best results. Stop by us, we'll reduce your daily worries.


  • Dry cleaning, laundry, ironing,
  • Cleaning and impregnation of leather and fur products, VIP service,
  • Cleaning of carpets, blinds,
  • Cleaning of feathers and down, change of ticks
  • Consulting for product care
  • Taking from and delivery back of products to a customer
  • Professional laundry services for hotels, restaurants, sports clubs, etc.
  • Softening and ageing of products, enzyme washing

Purity Centre Jogle in the supermarket Panorama.

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