Aeronautica Militare | Panorama

This is the merit of designer Massimo Giacon and his creative staff. They know every season to reinvent the modern man’s style, looking for identification products whose overall look is casual.

After World War II, Cristiano SPEROTTO sets up a sewing workshop in Thiene, near Vicenza. In 1960 he specialized in the production of top-of-the-range leather clothing for men and women. Emerging national and international markets with the same name brand. In 1979, after the entry of children Paolo and Armando Pio, the company was established as SpA.

The proximity of the company, located in Thiene near Vicenza, with the small but glorious Ferrari airport in Thiene has allowed the creation of a growing harmony between the business owners and the pilots acrobatic team. So, for over 30 years, the company has been manufacturing leather jackets for pilots in the Air Force and Frecce Tricolore.

In 2004, obtained from the Italian Air Force a contract for the sale of clothing and accessories tailored with the emblems and logos of the Air Force and Frecce Tricolore for several years. Since then, the company has been developing and marketing several lines of products. Which ones are gaining importance, especially among fans of flight and Italian style. He has the knowledge to design the style and layout of each item of clothing and accessories. Check all logistics and keep all production of leather and shearling sheepskin of the highest quality.

When the passion is stronger than the flight, you don’t have to fly!


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