La Civilisation by Crème de la Crème | Panorama

The origins of civilisation lie in harnessing the power of fire, inventing the wheel, unearthing the healing properties of plants, unlocking the power of scent to uplift the soul, and adorning our homes and lives with works of art. The great discoveries made in cultures around the world and the traditions that have survived for thousands of years have created a pleasant and secure world.

From the iconic ‘Fornasetti’ interior decorations, the scented candles and diffusers created by the cult British fashion designer Paul Smith, products by ‘Leif’ Australia that combine contemporary design and botany, the incense and handmade ceramic accessories of the ‘Astier de Villatte’ perfumery masterpieces or those by ‘Santa Maria Novella’, which has preserved more than 800 years of Florentine tradition, to ‘Ginori 1735’ home fragrances and candles in the most exquisite porcelain vessels – these are just a small part of the new universe that ‘La Civilisation’ is creating.

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