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Since 1888, the German company LLOYD designs and produces shoes. Stylish and fashion-interested men and women around the world rely on the exclusive shoes with red stripe on the heel. LLOYD's name symbolizes quality, good shape and excellent design. Shoes represent personal character and style of a human being, so, the employees of the company LLOYD perform their work perfectly. Everything starts from leather. Only the leather of excellent quality, distinguishing for the best properties, which secure comfort of wear, is used for the production. The leather is processed in accordance with a special technology developed by the company LLOYD.

Furthermore, experts assess their optimal form and the long-term guarantee that the shoe will retain its shape. Due to the long-time experience accumulated during decades, when developing the shoetrees, you can start wearing the LLOYD's shoes immediately and wear them without any discomfort throughout the day. Each shoe made by LLOYD is an original object incorporating creativity and love to details of the masters. The flair of designers in predicting future trends of fashion has already won for the shoes several awards for design.

Moreover, in our shop, you'll always find such fashionable and practical accessories for him and her, like handbags, belts and other leather products. The company LLOYD relies on the secrets of traditional shoemaking craft and modern technologies - this is certainly a successful combination.

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