Marc O'Polo | Panorama

Marc O’Polo stands for a casual lifestyle at a refined standard. A clear preference for natural materials is characteristic for the brand with its Swedish roots. For 47 years now Marc O’Polo’s liberal philosophy has been reflecting the art of staying true to oneself in everything one does.

Marc O’Polo’s target group comprises both fashion-conscious consumers and quality-conscious individualists. With creative and high-grade collections, fashionable shoes and the license lines Accessories, Beachwear, Underwear, Eyewear, Legwear, Jewels, Junior and Home the brand has carved out a successful position in the premium modern casual segment.

The history of the Marc O’Polo company began in Sweden and was soon on the way to international success. Marc O’Polo was founded in Stockholm in 1967 by Swedes Rolf Lind and Göte Huss and their American colleague Jerry O‘Sheets. The success of the brand can be traced to a brilliant idea by the three founders: "To use natural materials like cotton, wool, linen, silk. Because only natural materials can give our clothes the casual look we want them to have! We use synthetics only when we have to."

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