Rimi Hypermarket | Panorama

We take care of our visitors, we concern with their pleasures and wishes.

Cultured service and exclusive attention to customers’ comfort are essential “Rimi Hypermarket” accents. Here everyone can pleasantly, without waste of time or tension spend their time after workday and easily find proper item.

“Rimi Hypermarket” environment is created in such a way so that people can feel comfortably, so that space is enough for thousands of visitors at the same time and above all it is possible to orient oneself easily and find the desirable article. We offer to visitors only the freshest and high quality products – bread, meat, fish and exotic delicacies. A wide goods offer is particularly important for busy and rational people. In other sections there are clothing and footwear, cosmetics and hygiene materials, toys, seasonal goods, automobile accessories and other: customers can acquire valuable articles at a proper price.

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