All traditional types of tea and a lot of gourmet, exceptional teas that arouse curiosity. Exceptional quality teas are supplied directly from China, South Asia, Japan, South America, Africa and Europe.

Coffee lovers will enjoy pure Arabica coffee beans, flavoured coffees and the highlight of all coffee blends – ILLY. Skonis ir kvapas is the home for subtle, bright and extraordinarily delicacies, various handmade biscuits, candied fruits, chocolates, spreads, jams and other sophisticated sweet things. Looking for tea or coffee accessories? Everything from famous Japanese schools’ porcelain to contemporary thermo-resistant glass. We will help you choose, we will introduce different tea drinking traditions and find the right teapot or an own cup for your morning sip.

All smoking paraphernalia: pipes, cigars, tobacco, respectable lighters, pipe and cigar accessories, water pipes – everything for dignified smokers ... Our experienced tobacco connoisseur will assist you to navigate in this abundant range of products.

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