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Wine Maker is a haven for gourmet food and premium wine enthusiasts. We seek out, select, and deliver such food and wine, which will not leave anyone indifferent. We represent small wineries where the winemakers themselves oversee the wine production process, from planting and pruning vines to care, grape harvesting, and the winemaking and aging of wine. Often, this production is in small quantities, which makes the wine unique. In the gourmet food section, there is a wide selection of various snacks - meats, assorted cheeses, spreads, breads, olives, jams, and of course, nuts and chocolates from Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Frace and other countries. In Lithuania, we present Venchi chocolate house, known for their exceptional assortment, high quality, and attractive design. In our store, you will find a variety of gift sets for any occasion!

Our team welcomes every customer with a smile and takes care of gourmet snacks for any occasion. Our motto is "A guide to good taste!"

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