SHOPS:I-VI 10-22 H.
VII 10-21 H.



  1. Parking area for vehicles (hereinafter – Parking) IS A PRIVATE PARKING FACILITY.
  2. Parking is chargeable, except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  3. Parking tariffs:

3.1. I-V from 06.30 to 19.00 Parking is free for 4 (four) hours per day. The charge after 4 hours is: 30 (thirty) minutes of parking – 1 Eur (one), 1h – 2 EUR (two).

3.2. I-V from 19.00 to 24.00 Parking is for free.

3.3. I-V from 24.00 to 06.30 the Parking charge is: 30 (thirty) minutes of parking – 1 Eur (one), 1h – 2 EUR (two).

  1. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays Parking is for free.
  2. Parking area working hours Monday to Sunday from 6.30 to 24.00. Vehicles may remain parked for 24 hours, but within the night time from 24.00 to 6.30 the charge for the parking will be calculated from the firsts hour of parking.
  3. Parking a vehicle means entering into an agreement between the driver of the vehicle who is the owner or keeper of a vehicle and B2B Park, UAB, the operator of the Parking, under the following standard conditions.
  4. Vehicles must be parked in the Parking within the marked spaces observing the road signs. The driver of a vehicle is responsible for proper parking of the vehicle.
  5. It is prohibited to park a vehicle in such a manner that would obstruct entry to/exit from the Parking.
  6. It is prohibited to park a vehicle by blocking another vehicle or to prevent entry to/exit from a parking space and also to block entry.
  7. It is prohibited to repair (including oil change) or clean vehicles (excluding in the car wash service area of the Parking) in the Parking.
  8. It is prohibited to store (leave) flammable, explosive or other substances hazardous to human health and life or dangerous equipment and/or devices in the Parking.
  9. Littering, smoking or alcoholic beverage consumption is prohibited in the Parking. Noise levels must be controlled. It is prohibited to gather into groups or interfere with other people in the Parking.
  10. It is prohibited to park a vehicle that in different forms or ways displays advertisements of goods or services without the consent of UAB “Panorama LT”, except during the time when the client who has such a vehicle arrives to do shopping at the shopping centre.
  11. It is prohibited to damage, dismantle or otherwise change any equipment installed in the Parking. All damage arising from improper use of entry/exit and payment equipment will be recovered from the person whose actions caused any such damage.
  12. The client must observe speed limits and other road traffic rules set out in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in the Parking. The Parking administration shall not be liable for any violations of road traffic rules in the Parking.
  13. The client must ensure that the vehicle parked in the Parking is technically sound (there is no oil leakage, the vehicle does not leave traces of scratch on the road surface, etc.).
  14. The client must compensate the damage caused by his actions to people and property in the Parking.
  15. Owners/keepers of vehicles are responsible for security of their vehicles left in the Parking. B2B Park, UAB, and UAB “Panorama LT” shall not be materially liable for security of the vehicles left in the Parking.
  16. Payment for parking can be made before leaving the Parking at the automatic payment machines located at the exits from the Parking and near the Rimi Hypermarket Shopping Centre on the ground floor or by phone: by SMS message sent to 1332 or by using B2B Park mobile parking application MOKIS.
  17. In case of the failure of an automatic payment machine, an entry/exit barrier or other equipment in the Parking, please call +370 647 31105.
  18. If a vehicle is not parked properly, i.e. it is not parked within a parking space, it occupies two parking spaces or the requirements of these rules are otherwise violated, it shall be deemed that the Parking Rules and Regulations have been breached. The owner of the vehicle will be obliged to pay parking charges for the services (for using the Parking) and a compensation of EUR 8.40 for each subsequent 24 hours for failure to fulfil his obligations for the costs incurred by B2B Park, UAB, related to controlling the breach of the rules.
  19. The breach of the Parking Rules and Regulations is recorded in photographs or video recording and the owner/keeper of the vehicle is notified about it by a registered letter. The owner/keeper of the vehicle must pay the parking charges and compensation for failure to fulfil his obligations no later than within 7 (seven) days after the date of receipt of the registered letter to the bank account specified in the letter. If the charges and the compensation are not paid in due time, their recovery together with all relevant information will be transferred to third parties without any further notice.
  20. The owner of the vehicle shall be responsible for making payment, except where he can prove that the vehicle was parked in the Parking by another person.