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Parking rules and regulations

1. Before using the paid car parking area, please read and follow these rules (hereinafter referred to as Rules).
2. These Rules are made available to you upon entering the PRIVATE parking lot (hereinafter referred to as the Parking Lot) and shall be considered as a public offer for concluding a transaction for reimbursable services by a conclusive action (Article 1.71 (2) of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania).
3. By parking vehicles in this paid car parking area, you express the will to conclude an order (transaction) for parking with the provider of parking and control services in this area – UAB STOVA (company code 302299725, registered address: Rodunios road 10, LT-02189 Vilnius), i.e. you agree to comply with the parking and payment procedure, described in the Rules.
4. Vehicles shall be parked in accordance with the marking of paid car parking area and road traffic rules.
5. Parking Lot pricing:

  • I-V from 06:30 until 19:00 – parking is free for 4 (four) hours per day. If you exceed 4 hours of free parking, parking will be charged: 30 (thirty) minutes – EUR 1, 1 hour – EUR 2, etc.
  • I-V from 19:00 until 24:00 PARKING IS FREE.
  • I-V from 00:00 until 06:30 parking is charged: 30 (thirty) minutes – EUR 1, 1 hour – EUR 2, etc.
  • On Saturdays, Sundays and holiday PARKING IS FREE.

6. Parking hours on all days is 06:30 to 24:00. During the night, from 00:00 to 06:30, parking is payable from the start of parking.
7. Payment for the service is possible:

  • by uniPark mobile application;
  • at uniPark pay station (cash or bank card);
  • by signed parking services agreement with UAB STOVA.

8. If you pay for parking of the wrong car, the money is non-refundable.
9. UAB STOVA, providing parking and control services in the paid car parking area, is not materially responsible for the security of the vehicles or persons/things that are in the vehicles, parked in this area.
10. The customer is responsible for the damage made to the parking lot and other tangible property and is liable for such damage in full.
11. It is prohibited to block other cars or to obstruct the entry or exit to the Parking Lot, as well as to block the entry to the Parking Lot.
12. It is prohibited to repair (including change of engine oil) and wash cars (except in the car wash area).
13. It is prohibited to store (leave) flammable, explosive, other hazardous to human health and life materials, dangerous equipment and/or devices on the Parking Lot.
14. It is prohibited to litter, smoke, consume alcohol, make noise, cluster or disturb other persons.
15. It is prohibited to leave a car (or any other type of vehicle) promoting goods or services in various forms or ways in the Parking Lot without the consent of UAB Panorama LT, except when the Customer who controls such car arrives at the mall.
16. In the event of violation of the provisions of these Rules, the car owner (operator) will be required to pay a fee for services rendered to him/her (use of the Parking Lot) and EUR 30 (thirty) for each violation of the Rules within 24 (twenty-four) hours of the date of the conclusion of the report described in Clause 17 of the Rules to reimburse UAB STOVA for the costs incurred in controlling the violation of the Rules.
17. Authorized persons of UAB STOVA shall record the violation of the Rules made by the car owner (operator) in the photos and draw up a record of violation of the Rules, specifying the details for payment of the fees payable for the violation of the Rules. The violation report is left to the car owner (operator) in a visible position on the outside of the car.
18. If customer violates these rules, UAB STOVA has the right to demand compensation for damages caused by violating the rules.
19. Car owner is responsible for paying the parking fee, except when it is proven that other person parked the car.
20. In the paid car parking area, for the purpose of administration of parking service, UAB STOVA processes your personal data (vehicle registration number, a photograph of the vehicle taken in the event of Rules violation and other service provision-related data, which can directly or indirectly identify the person). More information on the processing of your personal data and the rights of data subject is available in the uniPark parking lot and zones rules published on the website
21. In the event of equipment malfunction or other problems, seek immediate assistance (24/7) by tel. +370 700 77877.

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